Tech and healthcare stocks are hot!

Over the month of July, my tech and healthcare stocks increased in price.  So much so that my stock allocation was telling me that my portfolio’s share of these two sectors was above their targets.  Therefore, I sold some shares of Microsoft (MSFT-Q), Tecsys (TCS-T) and Novo Nordisk (NVO-N).

I ploughed the proceeds into sectors that were below my portfolio’s targets.  Therefore, I added to the following sectors that were below my sector targets:

– Magna (MG-T) Industrial

– AT&T (T-N) Telecom

– Allied Properties (AP.UN-T) REIT

– Helmerich & Payne (HP-N) Energy

– Mcdonalds (MCD-N) Consumer discretionary

– Nutrien (NTR-T) Material

– TD Bank (TD-T) Finance

With the PCC model portfolio I use, it is easy to sell high and buy low!

Note that these stocks are not recommendations.  They are stocks that I have held for many years.

Please select stocks that meet your criteria.  You are welcomed to use my asset allocation and stock allocation tables to build your portfolio.


Note that I’ve added a button to allow donations to pay for my blog’s expenses and my time.

Until next time,

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