S&P 500 index capital allocation modifications to three sectors

Last week, the S&P 500 index managers decided to move several stocks from both the technology and the discretionary consumption sectors to the newly renamed communication sector.  This change involves 24 stocks.  On this list, are big names like Alphabet, Facebook and Walt Disney.

All this to let you know that my 2018 stock allocation tool has been adjusted to reflect theses changes ahead of my normal year end update.  The bottom line, more money now goes into the communication sector and less money goes to the both the technology and discretionary consumption sectors.

Therefore, to help you and I make investing decisions; I’ve uploaded and posted my Stock allocation tool for 2019.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–With the changes taking place in the stock allocation tool, I now have my eyes on buying shares of Walt Disney in the communication sector.  Its dividend increases regularly, and more importantly to me, I really enjoy its movies and would be proud to be associated with the name.

By the way, my other communication stock holding are AT&T (T-N) and Telus (T-T).


During the month of September I sold some shares of Pepsi (PEP-N).  The basic consumption sector in my portfolio and more precisely this stock was getting too high in value.  With these funds added to the dividends I received, I added to my shareholdings of Novo Nordisk (NVO-N) in the health sector and Trans Continental (TCL.A-T) in the discretionary consumption sector.

Until next month,

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