March dividend harvest

During the month of March I harvested $4600 in Canadian dividends and $1475 in US dividends.  With these sums, I rebalanced my portfolio as the value of my stocks in the technology sector had increased more than 5% of my sector allocation target.  Therefore, I sold some shares of Oracle (ORCL-Q), Tecsys (TCS-T) and ADP (ADP-Q).  I added to my positions in the basic consumption sector with North West Company (NWC-T) and Transcontinental (TCL.A-T) and in the healthcare sector with Becton Dickenson (BDX-N)

My dividend harvest continues to increase from year to year.  My goal is to harvest dividends that increase at a rate greater than the 2 -3% annual inflation rates.  With increasing dividend revenue, I am more comfortable budgeting my expenses during retirement knowing that I can easily offset inflation’s impact on ever lower purchasing power.

Well since January 1st, here is a list of my stocks that have increased their dividend payout as well as the rate of increase:

Dollarama            10%

Oracle                   26.3%

NWC                      3.1%

Realty Income   2% + .2%

Stantec                 5.5%

TD                           10.4%

Magna                  10.6%

Suncor                  16.7%

3M                         5.9%

AFLAC                   3.8%

ABBVie                 11.5%


This list represents 11 of the 44 stocks that I own.

Remember, these stocks are not recommendations… enjoy finding your own stocks!

Click here to check out this site for other companies that have raised their dividends.

Until next month!

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